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Nestled in the heart of Delray Beach, Rové Salon is a trusted name when it comes to professional hair services. We are a top-rated hair salon, especially celebrated for our expertise in blonding.

Our dedicated team of hair color specialists works diligently to provide a transformative experience that goes beyond just changing your hair color. Each stylist at our salon is trained in the latest hair coloring techniques, enabling them to bring your blonde ambitions to life.

Rové Salon offers more than a standard salon visit; we provide a complete salon experience. From the moment you step through our doors, you are greeted with warmth and hospitality. We understand that the journey to becoming blonde is unique for each person, and we ensure that every step is tailored to meet your specific needs and desires. Our stylists conduct thorough consultations before any hair treatment, taking into account your hair's health, maintenance level, and personal style.



To deliver quality and luxury in every strand.

At Rové Salon, we believe in quality over everything. We are committed to providing luxurious services that guarantee the health and vibrancy of your hair. Our passion for hair fashion and beauty drives us to stay updated with the latest hair trends and techniques. We utilize premium hair products to achieve the best results while maintaining the health and integrity of your hair.

We've earned our reputation as one of the best hair salons in Delray Beach due to our relentless commitment to customer satisfaction. Our services are not limited to achieving the perfect ash blonde or beach blonde shade; we ensure that your entire salon experience is nothing short of excellent. With each hair transformation, we aim to elevate your confidence and grace, leaving you feeling as radiant as your new blonde hair.

Balayage, highlights, and bonding.


Balayage, highlights, and bonding.

Our blonding services offer a variety of techniques designed to create the perfect blonde look. One such technique is Balayage, a French term meaning "sweeping". This technique involves painting the color onto the hair in a sweeping motion, creating a soft, natural gradation of lightness towards the ends. Similarly, highlights are another popular method used to add depth and dimension to your hair, offering a more traditional approach to blonding.

To complement our blonding techniques, we also provide bonding services. Bonding treatments are designed to protect your hair during the blonding process, maintaining its strength and integrity. They help rebuild broken hair bonds, prevent damage, and add resilience to your hair. These treatments are essential to achieving healthy, vibrant, and long-lasting blonde hair.


Bleaching, toning, and bonding.

For those seeking a more dramatic change, we also offer professional bleaching services. Bleaching is a process that strips the hair of its natural color, preparing it for a new shade. It's an intricate procedure that requires precision and expertise, and our hair colorists at Rové Salon are well-equipped to handle such tasks.

Once your hair is bleached, we apply a toner to achieve the desired blonde shade. Hair toner helps neutralize any unwanted brassy or yellow tones and can be used to create a wide range of blonde hues. Whether you want an icy platinum or a warm strawberry blonde, our team can skillfully mix the perfect toner to achieve your desired result.

To ensure your hair remains healthy and strong during this process, we integrate bonding treatments into our bleaching and toning services. These treatments work to restore any hair bonds that may have been compromised during the blonding process, ensuring that your hair stays healthy and resilient despite the color change.

Bleaching, toning, and bonding.


Our professional certified stylists are your Blonding experts.

Expert Stylists and Personalized Consultations Choosing Rové Salon for your blonding needs means choosing the best in the industry. Our salon is staffed with experienced stylists and hair colorists who are passionate about what they do. These hair professionals are skilled in creating a variety of blonde shades and can customize a blonding solution that suits your hair type, skin tone, and personal style. Furthermore, our personalized consultations set us apart. We take the time to understand your hair history, lifestyle, and blonde goals. This understanding enables us to tailor our blonding services to meet your specific needs and ensures that you leave our salon with a blonde tone that complements your overall style and personality.

Quality Products, Hair Health Focus, and Bonding Services At Rové Salon, we believe that the key to beautiful hair color lies in the health of the hair. Hence, we prioritize using high-quality, nourishing haircare products that not only give stunning results but also promote hair health. From the initial bleaching process to the final toning, we use top-tier products and color formulations, which include superior bonding products to protect your hair throughout the blonding process. We also take measures to ensure your hair remains healthy post-blonding. Our stylists will guide you through the right hair care routine, advising on how to maintain your new blonde hue and how to keep your hair looking radiant and glossy. With our focus on hair health and the integration of bonding treatments, you can enjoy your beautiful blonde hair without worrying about damage or dryness.


Hear from our satisfied Blonding customers.

Our reputation as a premier destination for luxury hair services in Delray Beach, Florida, is backed by the positive experiences and testimonials of our clients. Our clients have trusted us with their hair transformations and have been more than satisfied with their results.

Hear from them about their experiences at Rové Salon, from the luxury salon environment, the professional and friendly service from our stylists, to the quality of the products we use and the transformation they have experienced. We believe that our clients’ satisfaction speaks volumes about our services and commitment to excellence.

Rové Salon is a place where style and grace meet.

Jodi, a master of the blonding technique, works wonders with my hair. Her skill in blending different shades is extraordinary, and the result is a look that's both sophisticated and easy to maintain. The salon's ambiance is like the icing on the cake, with its beautifully designed interior and friendly, attentive staff. It's always a pleasure to visit Rové Salon, and I'm endlessly grateful for Jodi's expertise.

- ANN B.

I recently went to Becca for a partial balayage and cut. She is fantastic, professional and so sweet!

She is super knowledgeable about hair, and even after our appointment she went out of her way to recommend specific hydrating / moisturizing products for my hair type via instagram DMs. I can't wait for my next appointment with her!! Go see her for all of your blonding/color melting needs!!


Allison is extremely talented. She has taken my hair from black to blonde while keeping it long and healthy.

Allison and her assistant always take great care of me while I’m at the salon. Not only is she great at color but her cuts are perfect.


Beauty has a destination, we’re here to take you there.

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Convenient booking and flexible schedules.

Booking your blonding appointment with Rové Salon couldn't be easier. We offer convenient options to cater to your personal preference and schedule. Whether it's via our website's contact form or through a phone call during our business hours, our customer service team is always ready to assist you. They will answer your inquiries, discuss your needs, and book your appointment at a time that suits you best.

Understanding our clients' busy lives, we make it a point to maintain flexible schedules at Rové Salon. Our salon hours are designed to accommodate different lifestyles, allowing you to book appointments in the early mornings, evenings, or weekends. We strive to ensure that getting your dream blonde hair fits seamlessly into your routine without causing any unnecessary stress or inconvenience.

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An unforgettable salon experience.

At Rové Salon, we provide much more than just a hair service; we offer an unforgettable salon experience. From the moment you step in, our warm and welcoming ambiance is designed to make you feel at home. We want your visit to be as relaxing and enjoyable as possible, making your salon visit a break from your daily routine and a time to pamper yourself.

During your appointment, every detail is meticulously crafted to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. From the initial consultation to the final styling, our team is focused on providing a high-quality, personalized service. Our ultimate goal is for you to leave our salon not just looking stunning, but also feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and excited for your next visit. With Rové Salon, getting your hair done is not just another errand to run; it's a delightful experience to look forward to.


Frequently Asked Questions about Rové Salon Blonding.

1. What should I consider before getting my hair blonde?

Before deciding to go blonde, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, think about the shade of blonde that would best suit your skin tone and lifestyle. For instance, if you have a warm skin tone, a honey or golden blonde might suit you best, while cooler skin tones may look better with ash or platinum blonde. Lifestyle factors, such as how often you can visit the salon for upkeep, or how much time you can devote to hair care, also play an important role.

Moreover, the health and current condition of your hair is another key factor. If your hair is already damaged or weak, it might require some restorative treatments before undergoing the blonding process. At Rové Salon, our stylists will guide you through this entire consideration process during your personalized cons

2. How can I maintain my blonde hair after the salon treatment?

Maintaining blonde hair requires some special care to keep it looking vibrant and healthy. You should invest in color-safe, sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners as they're gentler on the hair and help prevent color fading. Additionally, purple shampoos or toning products can be used occasionally to counteract any brassiness and keep your blonde color looking fresh.

Furthermore, regular deep conditioning treatments are essential for maintaining the moisture and health of your hair, as the bleaching process can be drying. It's also important to schedule regular touch-ups at the salon to refresh your color and manage your roots. Your stylist at Rové Salon will provide a detailed hair care routine specific to your hair type and color during your appointment.

3. How long does the blonding process take?

The duration of the blonding process depends largely on your current hair color, the health of your hair, and how light you want to go. For some, it may take only a few hours to achieve the desired blonde shade, while for others, especially those with dark hair or previously colored hair, it might require multiple sessions spread over a few weeks.

At Rové Salon, we prioritize the health of your hair, and we won't rush the process if it risks damaging your hair. During your consultation, your stylist will provide a more accurate timeline based on your specific needs and goals.

4. Will going blonde damage my hair?

Blonding, when done correctly and professionally, should not cause significant damage to your hair. However, any process that involves altering your hair's color will cause some level of stress to the hair. At Rové Salon, we take every precaution to minimize potential damage.

We use high-quality, hair-friendly products and our stylists are trained in techniques that prioritize hair health. Post-treatment, we also provide guidance on how to take care of your blonde hair, including recommendations for treatments that can help restore and maintain the strength and health of your hair.

5. Can I go from very dark hair to blonde in one session?

While it's technically possible to go from very dark to blonde in one session, it's usually not recommended as it can severely compromise the health and integrity of your hair. Instead, it's safer and healthier for your hair to gradually lighten it over multiple sessions.

At Rové Salon, our foremost concern is the health of your hair. Our stylists will devise a customized blonding plan that prioritizes hair health while achieving your dream blonde shade. We understand the eagerness to see instant results, but patience is key when it comes to maintaining beautiful and healthy blonde hair.


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