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Rové Salon, the leading hair coloring and styling hub in Delray Beach, offers an extensive range of hair highlights services. Our team of hair color specialists brings to the table years of expertise in creating perfect blonde highlights, brunette highlights, and red highlights.

Whether it's a subtle balayage, a vibrant ombre, or a face-framing sombre you're after, you'll find our highlight techniques unbeatable. Every highlight service comes with a personalized consultation, helping us create a custom color tailored to your style, skin tone, and lifestyle.

We don't just offer a service, we offer an experience. Our Delray Beach salon is a sanctuary where beauty and luxury meet. Every client is treated to a salon ambience that exudes comfort and exclusivity, and we strive to offer the best hairdressers Delray Beach has to offer. We prioritize the hair health of our clients and only use salon quality products and eco-friendly methods. Our stylists are knowledgeable about all hair color brands and we only use the ones that offer natural highlights and maintain the health of your hair.



To deliver quality and luxury in every strand.

At Rové Salon, we understand the transformative power of hair highlights. Not just an aesthetic upgrade, a well-done highlight job can bolster one's confidence and add that extra bit of sparkle to their persona. We're committed to providing professional hair highlights that perfectly match your style and personality. Our salon services in Delray Beach are highly personalized, ensuring that you get the exact look you want.

Luxury isn't just a word to us - it's a promise. Our luxury salon experience is unmatched in Delray Beach, offering you a comfortable and high-end atmosphere where you can relax while our stylists work their magic. We go beyond just hair coloring in Delray Beach, providing hair treatments like hair glossing, hair hydration treatments, and hair color correction, making us the one-stop destination for all your hair care needs in Delray Beach.

Balayage in Delray Beach.


Balayage in Delray Beach.

Balayage is a French technique that involves hand-painting highlights onto the hair to create a natural, sun-kissed look. Our skilled stylists at Rové Salon are experts at this technique, providing you with flawless, personalized hair highlights. Whether you want bold, vibrant hair highlights or prefer subtle, natural ones, our Balayage service in Delray Beach will leave you with the desired look.

Maintaining the health and integrity of your hair is always our priority. We take into consideration your hair health, hair texture, and your desired outcome before proceeding with the service. We also provide a comprehensive hair consultation in Delray Beach to understand your needs and expectations better. This way, we ensure a perfect Balayage experience, tailored just for you.


Foil highlights in Delray Beach.

Foil highlights are another popular choice among our clients. This technique provides a more structured, uniform look than balayage and is perfect for those looking for a dramatic change. Our expert hair coloring stylists at Rové Salon are masters of this technique, offering you a stunning transformation and leaving you with gorgeous, shiny hair.

Whether it's full head highlights or half head highlights, we are committed to delivering precise and expertly done foil highlights. We always consider your hair's condition, texture, and your desired result in the process. Moreover, we ensure the hair highlighting cost is competitive and fair, allowing you to indulge in a luxurious salon experience without breaking the bank.

Foil highlights in Delray Beach.


Our professional certified stylists are your Highlights experts.

Expertise and Customization At Rové Salon, we pride ourselves on our expertise and dedication to providing custom hair color and highlight services. Our Delray Beach hair stylists keep up with the latest hair color trends and techniques, providing you with a range of options from vibrant hair highlights to subtle balayage. Moreover, we understand the importance of hair texture considerations and color matching, promising you a result that perfectly suits your hair type and personal style. Our salon in Delray Beach boasts a team of hair color specialists who are trained in the latest highlighting techniques, ensuring you receive the best hair highlighting experience. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of hair color trends, we can help bring your hair highlight ideas to life. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you leave Rové Salon feeling more confident and beautiful than when you walked in.

Salon Quality and Sustainability We understand the importance of using high-quality, sustainable products for our services. At Rové Salon, we only use salon quality products that are gentle on your hair and environment. Our eco-friendly salon in Delray Beach ensures that your hair highlighting experience is not just luxurious but also sustainable. Beyond offering salon-quality results, we aim to create a comfortable and luxurious salon experience. Our salon ambience is inviting and soothing, making your visit to us a true retreat from the daily hustle. Whether you need a complete hair color transformation or just a touch-up, we are here to provide a relaxing and rewarding salon experience. We adhere to strict sanitation standards to ensure your safety and satisfaction at all times.


Hear from our satisfied Highlights customers.

Our reputation as a premier destination for luxury hair services in Delray Beach, Florida, is backed by the positive experiences and testimonials of our clients. Our clients have trusted us with their hair transformations and have been more than satisfied with their results.

Hear from them about their experiences at Rové Salon, from the luxury salon environment, the professional and friendly service from our stylists, to the quality of the products we use and the transformation they have experienced. We believe that our clients’ satisfaction speaks volumes about our services and commitment to excellence.

Demi was helpful in assisting me with discussing the options available for highlighting.

She was also prompt in scheduling an appointment over the phone and coordinating the best hair color options aside from highlights which appeal to my taste and style.


For past few years I have been utilizing the amazing services of Jodi Burnstein for the works… color, highlights, cut, blow dry.

Her infinite attention to the customer’s requests have always been well received and come to fruition. Rove is an upbeat salon catering to their clients bravo.


I had the best experience getting my hair highlighted with Allison at Rove.

The salon itself is gorgeous, the staff is friendly and the latte was delicious. Allison is an expert in blondes and she is incredible! I have been getting highlights for 15 years and this is the best my hair color has ever looked. It is flawless!


Beauty has a destination, we’re here to take you there.


Frequently Asked Questions about Rové Salon Highlights.

1. What is the cost of hair highlighting at Rové Salon?

Our hair highlighting cost is competitive and fair, considering the high-end services we provide. The exact price can vary depending on the type and length of your hair, the highlighting technique used, and the specific stylist you choose. We encourage you to book a consultation with us for a more accurate quote.

To ensure complete transparency, we provide detailed pricing information during your consultation. We believe in offering value for money and ensure that our clients are satisfied with their hair highlighting experience and the results.

2. What are the current hair highlight trends?

Hair highlight trends are constantly changing, but our stylists at Rové Salon keep up with the latest techniques and styles. Currently, we see a rising demand for natural, sun-kissed balayage and face-framing highlights. Moreover, vibrant hair highlights in hues of red, gold, and copper are quite popular.

We also notice a trend towards customization, where the highlights are tailored to complement the client's skin tone, facial features, and personal style. This could range from subtle highlights for a more natural look to bold, chunky highlights for a dramatic transformation. We can advise you on the best hair highlight trends during your consultation.

3. What products do you use for hair highlights?

At Rové Salon, we use only the best salon-quality products for our hair highlights services. These products are not only safe and effective but also eco-friendly. They are designed to deliver vibrant, long-lasting color while preserving the health and texture of your hair.

The brands we use have been carefully selected for their performance and commitment to sustainability. We believe that luxury beauty should not come at the expense of our environment. Therefore, we ensure that the products we use are ethically sourced and have minimal impact on the environment.

4. How long do hair highlights last?

The longevity of your hair highlights depends on several factors, including the technique used, the condition of your hair, and how you care for your hair post-coloring. On average, highlights can last between 6 to 8 weeks. However, with proper care and maintenance, they can last longer.

We provide detailed aftercare instructions to help you maintain the vibrancy of your highlights. This includes tips on washing, conditioning, and styling your hair, as well as product recommendations. With the right care, you can enjoy your beautiful highlights for a longer duration.

5. Can I book an appointment for hair highlights?

Yes, you can easily book your hair highlights appointment with Rové Salon by using the contact form on our contact page or by calling us during our business hours. We recommend booking in advance to secure your preferred time and date.

Our dedicated staff is ready to assist you with your booking, answer any questions you may have, and ensure your journey to a stunning hair transformation begins smoothly. We look forward to welcoming you at Rové Salon, where our team of experienced stylists is committed to bringing your hair highlight dreams to life.


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